Organic Decaffeinated Coffee

Cafés Sabora’s organic decaffeinated coffee

This is one of the latest additions to Cafés Sabora’s product catalogue for the hospitality industry.

This coffee is made from Arabican beans traditionally grown in Peru between 1200 and 1800 meters high, without using any kind of artificial or synthetic substance or chemical.

Caffeine is removed with total respect for the environment to bring this great decaffeinated coffee that also fulfils organic coffee regulations from its growing to manufacturing. Organic growing makes coffee healthier and its whole production process is totally eco-friendly.

It is a soft balanced decaffeinated coffee with an excellent acidity level that meets the highest expectations, so customers will not be failed when tasting its flavour and aroma.

Coffee features when served:

  1. Pronounced aroma
  2. Sweet and soft flavour
  3. Pronounced acidity
  4. Medium to neutral body
  5. Light cream

For those customers who do not give up enjoying coffee but want to be fit and healthy as well as protect the environment, the best choice is the organic decaffeinated coffee.  

For caffeine lovers, it is also available Cafés Sabora’s Ecolóxico coffee on the catalogue.

Cafés Sabora’ Ecolóxico coffee has several international certifications such as Naturland from Germany, IMO control from Switzerland as well as the shade-grown coffee or Bird Friendly coffee certification, for a small market segment whose production respect birds’ habitats, and the JAS certification exclusively for the Japanese market.

In addition, Cafés Sabora comply with Spanish and EU organic coffee regulation.


It is delivered in 500 gr and 1000 gr bags.

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