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Cafés Sabora is a family business dedicated since its foundation by Ramón Alonso Saburido more than three decades ago to daily roasting of coffee.
The company began in the Compostela neighborhood of Sar and later moved to its current headquarters in Montouto, near Santiago de Compostela.
More than thirty years later, Cafés Sabora continues with its activity, maintaining the same philosophy with which it began: Take care of the quality of coffee from artisanal roasting.
Throughout the years we have formed an experienced human team dedicated to offering careful customer service, which is in constant training, both internally and externally.
We love coffee, its smell when roasting, and we love that you enjoy the aroma and flavor of a Sabora coffee either at home or in a hospitality establishment.
For this we have always prioritized quality over quantity, we roast our coffee by hand, always with the help of master roasters.
In our roaster we are dedicated to the same day roasting and distribution of a select coffee grown in height.
90 percent of the total coffee we roast is Arabicas from the best origins, and the remaining 10 percent robust from Uganda, grown at the same height, which we use in some hospitality coffee blends with espresso in mind.
We send the coffee to the hotel and store it the same day it is roasted, so we put freshly roasted coffee in your establishment.
The world of the highest quality coffees has evolved a lot and we have evolved with it.
A decade ago we bet on roasting 100% organic coffees with all the guarantee labels of organic or organic coffee.
These organic coffees together with decaffeinated in water, which allow to preserve all the aroma and flavor of the coffee in a process that is 100% harmless for the environment and for the coffee.
Along with our blends for hospitality with a deep aroma and mild flavor, so characteristic of the brand, designed to obtain the best espresso in hospitality,
They are the three groups of coffees and decaffeinated that make up the base of the quality coffee that we offer you.
With organic coffees and decaffeinated water we are committed to the traditional values ​​of producing quality coffee, prestige, exclusivity without renouncing the values ​​of solidarity, human rights and respect for the natural environment with procedures that are not harmful to nature. neither in the production nor in the processing of coffee.
What we really love is that you enjoy the Sabora coffee you drink as much as we enjoy selecting and roasting that coffee for you.
Xosé Alonso
Manager of Cafés Sabora.
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