Does coffee make you fat or is it just a myth?

What accompanies coffee if

Coffee has been considered by many people as a negative influencer to our health, since it is thought to lead to weigh gain, rise blood pressure and contribute to body complications.
Es necesario aclarar una serie de problemas desde el principio, ya que al tomar una taza de café con azúcar, el contenido energético vendrá del azúcar en lugar del café; o si el café es parte de un desayuno continental, como el de la imagen de arriba, tal vez lo menos que engorda es el café, y si tomas café con alcohol, como carajillo o café irlandés, no se puede afirmar que el café produce un aumento de alcohol en la sangre, se debe al whisky, ¿no?

Coffee atributes

 Coffee in a roaster

All of us who like coffee and wake up in the morning know about its properties as an activator of our activity, however this is not the only property of coffee.
If you are a coffee consumer you will be happy to know that it has many others, in the post we will discuss the ones that we consider most outstanding.

How to prepare coffee?

How to prepare coffee

Cafes, I was writing the title and I was thinking about the mess I was getting into, there are so many ways to order a coffee that the list tends to infinity.
Therefore we narrow down the subject a bit and we will talk about coffee preparations that may be more common in Spanish coffee shops.

Coffee roasting, come in and find out how it is made.

Coffee roasting, come in and find out how it is made

The way to roast coffee determines a good part of the flavors, aromas and colors that are obtained in your coffee cup.
The roasting process alters the original characteristics of the grain: color, aroma and flavor.
The roasting process changes the color of the coffee, thus strong roasting results in black beans and softer roasting results in roasting of different shades of browns.


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