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Cafes Sabora’s chocolates

Finest Belgian dark chocolate 80% cocoa.

This tasteful chocolate is the perfect partner for coffees and infusions.

Chocolates are included in Cafés Sabora’s product assortment addressed to hospitality businesses. If you want to offer your customers a sweet treat with their coffee or infusion, to reward their loyalty, this is a great option.  

Cafés Sabora propose Belgian chocolate bars and biscuits as the best partners for coffee, decaf coffee and infusions that your customers may have in your business.
If you do not dispose of our snacks yet, try them and your customers will be doubly pleased; when having coffee or infusion and the snack.

Reward your customers’ loyalty by offering a special snack and sweeten their day.

Belgian chocolates are available in 500 units’ box and included in Cafés Sabora’s treat products offering for the hospitality businesses.

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