Classic sugar sachet

Cafés Sabora’s classic sugar sachetCafés Sabora’s classic sugar sachet

This 8 g sugar sachet, specially designed for the hospitality industry, addresses those customers who prefer sugar rather than sweeteners.

Sugar sachet is rectangular-shaped which makes it handy and easy to use for your customers.

We provide you with an assortment of sugar sachets in different formats such as tube-shaped sugar sticks.

We also make you available the sugar sachet with teaspoon, the suitable format for those customers who take away coffee from your business to work.

The product is an 8 g sachet containing excellent sugar delivered in 10 kg small boxes or in 15 kg big boxes.

This is the most popular sugar format demanded by the hospitality businesses due to its easy open package, its great sugar as well as to provide customers with the right amount of sugar.

8 g sugar sachets in 10 kg boxes.

8 g sugar sachets in 15 kg boxes.

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