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Everyone who likes coffee knows about its stimulating attributes. But its properties are wider than this. 

It is the second drink in a worldwide consumption, after water, so it is consumed by hundreds of millions of people. This post will explain coffee kindness.
When we are talking about coffee consumption we are talking about a moderate consumption, as we all know, excess is never good.

It is a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant.

Caffeine in coffee beans, which is the coffee tree part that will be toasted, is key to get a natural stimulant in a coffee cup.
This caffeine allows increasing body activity by rising energy and by mind stimulation.
It favors physical activity and an alert mind is kept especially for people who are doing an activity where concentration is needed.
Coffee may increase warning capacity, avoiding somnolence and it is useful to improve concentration in a long time.

It helps to avoid traffic accidents.

Somnolence is behind 15% to 30% of traffic accidents. Its effects are as dangerous as those produced by alcohol because sleep reduces our concentration and reaction capacity.
Many researchers show that coffee consumption decrease reaction time capacity in drivers because of its stimulation attributes. In addition, visual attention and route concentration are improved and as well as decision-making capacities.
That’s why our body “ask for coffee” as soon as we wake up, after lunch or in a half way of a long trip.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants.

It is an antioxidant drink, because there are polyphenols on it. That means that coffee is an excellent natural option which helps to reduce and delete negative effects of free radicals.
Free radicals produce cellules degeneration, being these free radicals part responsible of degenerative diseases.
Its antioxidant capacity is higher than the ones which come from tea or red wine. Phytosterols, Stigmasterol, beta-systeroal and Campesterol are the biggest responsible of its antioxidant capacity.
Free radicals are behind of some neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and other type of diseases, like for example some kind of cancers.
Its antioxidant attributes vitamins and minerals show that coffee could be considered in the same way than functional food.
Functional food is that food which is consumed in a normal diet and has biological active elements that offer benefits and reduce risks of developing diseases.

It helps to prevent diabetes

Pilar Riobó, who is an endocrinology specialist, has said that in mellitus diabetes coffee helps to reduce the risk of developing this disease in a long term.
Different scientific studies have verified that drinking from three to four coffee cups per day will help to reduce up to 25% the risk of developing type II diabetes.
This coffee attribute is linked with coffee antioxidant´s properties which help avoiding insulin resistance.  Furthermore, it would help to improve glucose metabolic control, so its use would be recommended even for diabetic patients.

It helps to avoid the risk of dementia in senior years.

Coffee is linked with different benefits and stimulations that coffee do in central nervous system. A scientific research done for two decades confirmed that a regular consumption of coffee reduces up to 65% the risk of develop dementia in senior years.
There are many studies like the one done by Hawai University where people with higher levels of caffeine were matched with a lower tendency to suffer Alzheimer or Parkinson.
It is fair to recognize that there are studies that not find reciprocity so there is no clear if there are or not this positive effect in Alzheimer or Parkinson prevention.

Other coffee attributes for pain control.

It may be a solution for small and chronic pain.
It may be a solution for small or pains which not have a serious origin but are very annoying.
Coffee may contribute to a better tolerance of muscular back and head pains.

Is coffee good for migraines?

Coffee has analgesic properties due to its blood vessels attributes. These attributes help to delete pericraneals vessels which are responsible of migraines.
Reading medical prospectus you will realize that many analgesics contain caffeine.

coffee and health


Excellent for sporty people

For endurance athletics, drinking coffee has an ergogenic effect which helps to fatigue control improving muscular power.
That´s why everyone knows that drinking coffee helps athletics to have a better endurance physical condition during competitions.

It allows loosing weight

In this case coffee attributes come from diuretic effects of caffeine, theobromine, caffeic and clorogenic acids, calcium and aparagin .
Coffee is conceived as a very important drink to lose weight due to the effect of all of these elements in the fluid retention.

It is useful combating cellulitis

Do you know that caffeine reactive blood circulation?
That´s why is very useful to delete serous liquid which is in our muscle fibers and chambers increasing molecular levels that helping to burn body fat.

It is digestive

It is digestive if it is drunk in moderate amounts.
It stimulates gastric secretions; it activates bile production and gallbladder contractions. That’s why drinking coffee after meals makes easier digestions. As we always say, with a moderate consumption.
benefits coffee drinkers
Final considerations
It is important to know that caffeine amounts changes depending of if we are drinking Robusta coffee or Arabic coffee. Robusta´s caffeine amount is two times higher that Arabic coffee.
Also, coffee machines may increase coffee concentration depending on how much time coffee was in contact with boiling water.
To summarize coffee helps to prevent some diseases, helps your brain, increases physical performance, facilitates driving, improves sport performance and so on.
Its benefits and properties are a lot always if its consumption is moderated.
-       Botanical online
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