Coffee cups

Coffee cups

Café Sabora coffee cups

This coffee set is composed of a coffee cup and a saucer.

Coffee cups have not a printed logotype although coffee beans, which are part of Sabora´s logotype, are inserted there. Its design makes them very useful in this kind of industry.
What is new is that the small Sabora´s logotype will be inserted in saucers in order to avoid lost saucers as soon as they left bars or restaurants.

They will be distributed in three sizes for the most common kind of coffees: double coffee, white coffee, black coffee or coffee with a dash of milk.

Its cut cone shape was specially thought in order to keep all the coffee’s taste and aroma.

Its material and design are thought in a double sense: they are hardwearing, taking into account the intensive use given by catering establishments and, otherwise, its material is very useful and enhances coffee features.

Do not hesitate, Sabora´s coffee cups guarantee that our coffee does not lose its taste and aroma.

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