Coffees around the world. Travelling to the tropic.

 Coffee beans forming a map of the five continents
Our world is placed between the Cancer and Capricorn tropic. 
Sabora´s coffee is toasted in Galicia which is placed in the north-western of the Iberian Peninsula but it comes from cultivation areas located between these two tropics. 
Café Sabora is the second generation of a family business which gets toasted coffee every day.
We started in 1985, so we are toasting coffee since two decades ago being every day very enthusiastic in what we are doing.
This activity has allowed us to know coffee plantations which surround the planet between both tropics. 
As you can imagine in such a big planet area the different kinds of coffee, the production areas and the countries which produce coffee are very varied. 

South American coffees.

Countries such as Colombia or Brazil are coffee beans worldwide producers, in the majority of cases they are Arabic coffees. 

Brazilian coffees. 

Brazil produces the 80% of Arabic coffee.
It is the bigger worldwide coffee producer and its more important coffee is the natural Arabic coffee.
They are “good body and cup”, coffees. 
Huge farms of millions of trees cover the center-south hills of Brazil. For coffee commercial industry, Brazil is very important, is a giant in each aspect. 
The Brazilian coffee industry has been focus on producing cheap coffees since the beginning: cheap but enough nice. Working with these huge productions different levels of quality can be found but Brazilian coffees are excellent. 

Colombian coffees 

Coffee cultivated in Colombia is one of the most consumed coffees.
It is a soft drink, clean tasted, acid, medium/tall body, pronounced and complete aroma and well toasted. It is a marvel for the senses.  It has been always with Café Sabora where has been called “Café Colombia for bars and restaurants”. 


Coffees from Peru

The best Peruvian coffee is full of taste, aromatic, soft and fairly acid. Chancamayo (which comes from South Centre of Peru) and Urubamba (which is the district from the south near to the Machu Picchu) are the most known. 

Central American coffees. 

There, there is a volcanic soil and almost all the region is full of highlands which are very good for coffee cultivation. As many coffee trees are grown more intense is the produced aroma. The most important producer countries are:
-Costa Rica coffees which is a soft and aromatic coffee which is highlighted due to its subtle touch of acidity. It is a country which has been positioned by its coffee and its production has been increased in the last years. 
-Guatemala coffees are coffees which change with the coffee bean toast. Coffees are slightly toasted and they are soft and full but if it is over toasted it will acquire a strong and smoked character.  
-Coffees from Puerto Rico are intense in its taste. They are increasingly known. 
- Coffees from Jamaica. It is a place appreciated by those who love coffee. “Blue Montain Coffee from Jamaica” is, or was, a classic and a balanced coffee with enough aroma, complete body and a soft acidity. Its little production and its features have made from this coffee one of the most known in a worldwide level.  

In Mexico it has been done a big effort cultivating organic coffee. 

Most of the Mexican coffees come from the south of the country, where the continent is narrower and is focus to the east. The state of Veracruz, above the gulf side in the central mountain, produces the most part of small height but coffees which are called “Altura Coatepec”, comes from a mountainous region near to the city which has the same name. These coffees have an excellent reputation.  
Other important coffees from Veracruz are Altura Orizaba and Altura Huatusco. Coffees from the Chiapa´s state are cultivated in the southeast Mexican mountains near to the Guatemala´s border. 

But now we will be focus on other world area more distant from us: 

Oceanía coffees and Pacific islands are very changeable regarding coffee features. 

Australia produces exclusively Arabica Coffee which is too soft and not very bitter, at least for the Spanish taste. 
Coffees from Hawai are very tasted, with a touch of peanut, it has a bigger body and a very nice taste. It reminds Colombian coffee with this peanut touch. 
Papua New Guinea coffees are produced in a big and modern farms which produce a very clean, smelled, deeply dimensioned and moderately acid coffees.  
Other coffees which are cultivated in an organic mode in New Guinea are produced in a small house in the country and processed by farmers using simple techniques, producing a very different full, complex and excellent coffee. 

Coffees from Africa.

This country can be divided in Oriental Africa and Occidental Africa. 

Oriental Africa

In Oriental Africa coffee is cultivated in terraces to make a better use of rainwater. There are different coffees which stand out due to its acid levels. The most important producer countries are:
Oriental Kenia where coffee stand out due to its smell and its nice taste. This coffee is suitable for those who like intense tastes and high acid levels. 
Tanzania has a lot to do with Central America coffees, which are less acid than Kenyan coffees.
Uganda is the producer of the most appreciated African Robusta coffee which is used in our black selection, linked to our best Brazilian coffees. Both leave us a coffee which links the best from these two worlds. All of this is explained in our product card.  
Fine Arabic coffee from Uganda shows acidity and other taste features which are the best from East Africa. 
Ethiopia produces the famous Moka coffee which has an intense taste. They are strong coffees and with body. 


Coffees which have been produced in Oriental Africa have distinguished elements.

Farms which are placed in flats use to be big exploitations where working with machines is allowed. There, Robusta coffees are produced.
The main producer countries are Cameroon, Cote d´Ivoire which produce a very strong coffee and bitter that some companies use for espresso mixes. 

Finally, we need to talk about coffees from Asia. 

The production areas are mainly focus on Vietnam, India and Indonesia.  
Vietnam is the second worldwide coffee producer and the first of Robusta coffee. There are smalls farms placed in the half south area of the country.
Coffee from Vietnam is lightly acid and with a medium body and well balanced. It is usually used to make mixtures
Indonesia uses to produce Robusta coffee but also makes some high quality Arabica as well. It is important to highlight: 
Java it is a variety with a unique taste, intense and mature as the mature bean maturation process consequence. 
Sumatra: its taste is less intense than Java coffee but it has a delicate acid touch. 
This is a country of contrasts where big coffees can be found and coffees which can be improved as well. 

India Arabic and Robusta coffee are both produced as well.

Indian coffee is cultivated in the south of the country. It is discreet, with body and a moderate acidity and occasionally with scheme touches. The worst produces a soft coffee. 
Coffee has an enormous presence in the world. Café Sabora always has been concerned about the product quality which is daily toasted in order to offer to our client all its aroma and taste. 
It is important to take into account the different coffees mixture which get improved the final taste. 
Nowadays Sabora´s coffee uses to be daily toasted, it is in our logotype and it is our identity sign. 
I hope you liked this travel around the coffee world. Do not forget: life is too short to have a bad coffee and too long to enjoy a good coffee. 
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