Decaffeinated instant coffee

Cafés Sabora’s decaffeinated instant coffee

Cafés Sabora’s decaffeinated instant coffee

Cafés Sabora offers decaffeinated instant coffee bags to those customers who want a quickly prepared decaffeinated coffee but also want to decide the quantity of product they consume.

In this case, the process of removing caffeine from coffee is followed by the manufacturing process of converting coffee into an instant product.

In 1881, Dr. Satori Kato, a U.S chemist originally from Japan, presented the first instant coffee during the Pan-American World Fair, they said he was inspired by the dry powder of a cup of coffee.
The success of the instant coffee came with militaries, it became very popular during the Second World War, as it allowed U. S soldiers to drink coffee in their combat positions.

Curiously, at least in Spain, decaffeinated instant coffee is nowadays highly consumed, compared to regular instant coffee, which is seldom consumed.   

Decaffeinated instant coffee bags is a product also included in Sabora’s catalogue to offer the option of having instant coffee to customers who prefer it to regular one.

It is presented in 100 bags per box.

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