Eight tips to prepare a good coffee at home.

 Making coffee at home in Italian coffee maker.

tips to prepare a good coffee at home.

Eight simple tips so that the coffee that the coffee you make at home becomes a good coffee, and with practice you get to make an excellent coffee that surprises friends and guests.
They are simple but you cannot fail even one of them without compromising the result.

1- Without a good coffee bean you can never get a great coffee

  • Arabic coffee is always better than Robusta coffee. 
  • A freshly toasted coffee is better than the one which has been toasted days ago. 
  • Coffee beans rather than ground coffee. 

2- It is important to ground coffee before to cook it. 

Toasted coffee is delicate and perishable. 
Its composition is complex; coffee freshly ground contains more compounds than wine, but they get quickly damaged when it is exposed to oxygen. 
That´s why is convenient to keep coffee without be grounded and without oxygen to avoids rusts. 
Getting ground coffee is the single way to keep its original components, it is key to follow this rule to make a perfect coffee. 
Buying coffee beans for home coffee machines is not done in Spain due to commodity or rushes.
Buying light toasted coffee beans is important as well; this allows appreciating the best aroma and coffee taste.


3- Preserving coffee

Coffee beans must be kept in a closed blown far from sunlight. It must be kept in a fresh, dry and in a free smell place. 

4- Using high quality tools. 

Apart from the brand, we must choose a high quality coffee machine. 
Chinese brands are excellent in order to get a good price but if we aspire to make a good coffee is better to choose a high quality coffee machine. 

You may use porcelain coffee cups or materials with similar features, as well. 

  • It should be used a non porous material where, once rinses; no previous remains, smells or liquids are kept.
  • Coffee cup´s concave shape, allows getting a high quality espresso coffee. In coffee shops they use to be thicker in order to whistand the given use. Other reasons to choose this coffee cups are that its thickness keeps the coffee temperature for a long time and it can be hold using its handle without burn ourselves.
  • If coffee cups are in a moderate temperature before serving coffee all features from a good coffee will be kept.  Plastic is not the best option to enjoy a fantastic coffee but it can kept it hot when we choose enjoy it at work. 
  • In our houses we can use thinner and slender coffee cups. 

5- You should use an adequate proportion between coffee and water. 

In the US more water than coffee is used, at least from an European´s perspective. 
The ideal portion is two 10 grams of ground coffee spoon for each 180 ml of water. We recommend you to adjust our coffee from this rate.  
Furthermore it is very important to use spring water if our water is very lime or chlorine tasted because these tastes use to damage coffee. 
Serving coffee at home

6- You should follow the manufacturer´s instructions.

Independently of the used coffee machine it is a big idea to follow manufacturer´s instructions.
That is difficult to do if you have bought a Chinese coffee machine and the instructions are in this language. 
There are many ways to make coffee. It could be using an Italian, a piston or a dripping coffee machine. All of them have its own technique and following the manufacturer´s methodology is key to make a good coffee. 
In the following section it will be explained some tricks used by bars and restaurants professionals.

7- Mill´s size

We may choose between different thickness and these must be adequate for the used coffee machine.  
Coffee beans which have been grounded thickener have a smaller superficial area than the same amount of beans which have been grounded thinner. This makes difficult water penetration and coffee solid components will be badly extracted.     
  • According to the different coffee machines we may say: 
  • Espresso and italians coffee machines required a thinner mill. 
  • Drip and filter machines needs a medium mill and piston coffee machines (those where coffee is prepared as a normal infusion) needs a thickener mill.  

8- Water temperature needed for a good coffee. 

The perfect temperature when water touches coffee is between 92ºC and 96ºC.
Coffee cup´s temperature must be adequate in order to avoid coffee cooling.
  1. In Espresso machines this is achieved placing cups on the machine.  

  2. It would be great to preheat cups and Chemex coffee machines using hot water before serving coffee. This water must be the same used for making coffee. 

How do you make coffee at home?
What is your advice to get a fantastic coffee?

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