Gran Orixe Coffee

Gran Orixe Coffee


Gran Orixe coffee was born to preserve all the aroma and flavor of freshly brewed coffee in the style of sabora coffees

This is a mixture of the best coffee beans from Colombia, Uganda and Guatemala, which provides a medium dark balanced roasted coffee that offers consumers a moderate acidity.
What do we aim with this mixture?
Our goal is to offer the services of the hospitality industry, manage a restaurant, a snack bar, and any other business, with a freshly roasted coffee in perfect condition to serve it at any time of the day.
To achieve, objective, metal containers to preserve coffee in its ideal conditions for more time and protect it from light and moisture.
The careful daily roasting of coffee and immediate packaging in an aluminum hopper, the perfect preservation of the properties of Gran Orixe coffee for longer than traditional packaging.
Cafés Sabora distributes the product exclusively to hospitality professionals, offers the maximum guarantees of freshness and quality of artisanal roasted coffee that serves customers.
Great decaffeinated Orixe is also available, for those who prefer decaffeinated coffee to regular.
The product is delivered in 3 kg metal containers.


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