Organic coffee

Organic coffee

Cafés Sabora’s organic coffee 100% Arabica.

Traditionally grown coffee beans from Peru or Mexico. Organic coffee is grown only using natural products and substances.

Its production is totally eco-friendly resulting in the excellent organic Arabica coffee.

Characterized by its sweet flavour, good body and brown-coloured cream, your customers will be delighted while having a cup of this organic coffee.

It is also available our new organic decaffeinated coffee, a perfect alternative for those who want to limit their caffeine intake.

Strict traceability requirements are met during all the stages of organic coffee production to provide your customers with full flavoured coffee grown under organic conditions.

Cafés Sabora’ Ecolóxico coffee has several international certifications such as Naturland from Germany, IMO control from Switzerland as well as the shade-grown coffee or Bird Friendly coffee certification, for a small market segment whose production respect birds’ habitats, and the JAS certification for exclusively selling in Japan.

In addition, Cafés Sabora comply with Spanish and EU organic coffee regulation.

Quality control logos of coffees that have organic coffee from Cafés Sabora

The product is delivered in 250 g and 500 g containers.

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