Organic Sugar Cane Brown

Organic Sugar Cane Brawn  half kg

Organic Sugar Cane Brown

Organic Sugar Cane Brown is the juice that is extracted from unrefined sugarcane.
This sugar does not undergo any refining process unlike white sugar or brown sugar, nor does it undergo another type of chemical procedure.

The Organic Sugar Cane Brown is a totally ecological product.

It is a hugely aromatic sugar with a sweet texture, which also has a certain honey flavor.
Benefits of Organic Sugar Cane Brown:
  • It provides energy quickly and efficiently to the body.
  • It contains 50 times more minerals than white sugar.
Presentation: in single-dose sachets of 6 grams of Organic Sugar Cane Brownand in half-kilogram packages, always ground panela.
The Organic Sugar Cane Brownenvelope can be purchased soon, the half kilo format is available now.
If you want more information about the Organic Sugar Cane Brown ... call 981 819 139 or contact us, we want to help you.

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