Peppermint tea

Cafés Sabora’s peppermint teaCafés Sabora’s peppermint tea

Peppermint tea, together with chamomile tea, lime blossom tea and a wide variety of teas are part of the infusions assortment for hospitality industry offered by Cafés Sabora.

This aromatic infusion, presented in bags, is designed for your customers enjoy aroma and fresh flavour of peppermint. We make available this product in 100 tea bag/box.

Traditionally, peppermint tea has been known for its health benefits: for healing cold and flu symptoms and providing relief from excess gas and stomach discomfort as well as other therapeutic benefits.

Sabora’s peppermint tea will complete the list of herbal teas of your business.

This product is delivered in 100 bags/box.

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