Sugar sachet with teaspoon

Cafes Sabora’s sugar sachet with teaspoon

As you probably think, this product is specially designed for those customers who prefer a good takeaway coffee.  And it is only natural that a plastic teaspoon is attached to the sugar sachet.  

This product is delivered in 10 kg boxes containing 100 sugar sachet with teaspoon.
Sugar sachets for people who fancy having a coffee early in the morning, at midday at work or after having lunch, but they do not have the time to take a relaxing coffee or infusion in your business.

Sugar sachet with teaspoon matches perfectly with our disposable cup, which makes carrying coffee home, workplace or study place more comfortable to customers.

If your business is established in a crowded location with workers and students, Sabora’s takeaway products are the perfect supplement to your selection of coffee and infusions.

Our disposable coffee cup and sugar sachet with teaspoon let you satisfy all your customers, even those who do not want or cannot have a relaxing coffee or infusion in your business.

1000 sachets in a 10 kg box

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