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Cafés Sabora’s sugar and alternative sweeteners

Sugar and alternative sweeteners add an excellent flavour to coffee and they are especially designed to make your customers enjoy a sweetened cup of coffee, even though they do not want or cannot consume sugar.

For those who do not want to add calories to their diet, Cafés Sabora’s sugar substitutes are an excellent solution to adds sweetness to coffee and infusions without increasing calories. It is also a good choice for those who remove sugar from their diet for health.

Sweeteners are especially developed and designed for highlighting coffee flavour, so you will not miss sugar when taking our coffee sweetened with Sabora’s sugar substitutes.
Try it and you will not forget it.

It is presented in boxes containing 250 bags. As you can see in the picture, they are easy disposing to let you open the flap to easily and quickly access to bags and then keep them neatly until the box is ended.

Sweeteners complete Cafés Sabora’s catalogue where you may find classic sugar sachets, tube-shaped sugar sticks and sachets with teaspoon to sweeten coffee and infusions.

The product is presented in 250 g dispenser boxes.

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