Thermal coffee cups

Thermal coffee cups

Sabora´s thermal coffee cups

Sabora´s thermal coffee cups allow clients to take away a coffee or infusion. They will enjoy it safely at home or in the office.

Small sugar sachets with spoon are ideal for these thermal coffee cups, they allow giving a perfect service to people passing through. This kind of clients only want to order a take a way coffee and enjoy it at home, at the university or in their jobs in a more relaxed way.

These thermal coffee cups are exclusively distributed for bars and restaurants; its cover allows clients to drink the coffee without be removed. This element avoids dropping the take away coffee or infusion.

On the other hand, coffee is kept hot longer in order to allow clients to enjoy the drink when is not possible for them to do that in establishments.

If you are an on the way establishment´s owner for students or workers, you will need the Sabora´s thermal coffee cup.

They are distributed in 100 unit bags

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