Colombian coffee

Roasted coffee bean

Café de Colombia or Colombian coffee has become a reputed trademark which the general audience associates with a quality coffee. 

But, what do we talk about when referring to Colombian coffee? 

1st This is a 100% Arabica coffee.
2nd It has been produced at Colombian regions, perfect to its production for the climate and altitude. High altitude lands, surpassing 2000 meters high, make Colombian coffee a high quality one in all respects. 
3rd Its geographical area is clearly set up between North latitude 1° to 11°15, West longitude 72° to 78°. 
This way, the main Colombian coffee areas are Nariño, Norte de Santander, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, and Cundinamarca, Huila, Tolima, and the coffee growing axis of the historic region of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío.
Now, Colombian coffee is a PGI (protected geographical indication) also officially recognised by the European Union, from 27th September 2007. 
We should admit that advertising campaigns using Juan Valdez, who is the person representing the positive values of people working in Colombian coffee growing industry, have bring in an international presence to Colombian coffee, widely considered as a quality coffee. 
Coffee quality, marketing efforts to differentiate Colombian coffee from other ones, the creation of its famous logo in 1980 have contributed to make a prestigious coffee and a reference for a great part of coffee consumers. 
But, why Colombian coffee is produced under exceptional conditions? 

1st Location

Close to the equatorial line, it guarantees a great light during all the year. 
Andes Mountain Range, which extends from north to south through Colombia, divides Amazon from the Colombian coastline over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. 
The production areas are situated between the two Oceans and at 2000 meters high, which cause the perfect moisture and climate conditions (the necessary rain) which allow coffee growing all the year. Actually, some regions have up to 50 harvest weeks a year.
Colombian coffee is the one offering fresh coffee to the market during all the year.
Soil is of volcanic origin and high altitude, which makes Colombian coffee light, neat, acidic and medium-high-bodied, as well as a strong aroma which never disappoint customers. 
 Map of the Colombian coffee regions

Nowadays, the country has four protected designations of origin.

Origin coffee from Cauca

The mountainous and volcanic region of Colombian massif has 95.000 coffee growers harvest a light nutrient-rich coffee, which a distinctive caramel aroma. This type of coffee is a silky medium-high acidic medium-bodied drink.  

Origin coffee from Santander

This warmed dry sunny area produces a great aromatic flavoured medium-acidic full-bodied coffee. 

Origin coffee from Huila

This area has productive valleys and snowed volcanoes, which offer the necessary nutrients to grow coffee all the year. 67.000 coffee-growing families produce origin coffee from Huila, characterized by having a strong aroma, medium-high acidity and medium body.

Origin coffee from Antioquia

Its significant geographical diversity produces an exquisitely smooth coffee with a hint of sweetness and medium body. 92.000 families produce, in small plots, a wide coffee offer. It is with no doubt, a high quality Colombian coffee. 
Thanks to the perseverance of coffee growers and the marketing campaigns, Colombian coffee has a reputed high quality. 
Furthermore, some studies state that customers really appreciate Colombian coffee brand are willing to overpay for it. 
All these areas are traditionally harvested by hand according to the traditions, and hard work is awarded with a high quality coffee production which satisfies most demanding consumers. 
Colombian coffee meets the expectations of its prestige. 
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Have you tried Colombian coffee? What do you think about it?


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